We are here to empower people to implement complex projects and to solve multilayered problems – without chaos, all by themselves or in collaboration.

Weißer Pfeil, der nach unten zeigt.


One of our greatest motivations for developing Infinity Maps was our own experience. As we have to cope with more and more information which becomes increasingly complex, and changes faster than ever, we strived for a solution to keep up. Since we regularly hit the boundaries of our brain capacity as well as the limitations of knowledge management tools, we invented Infinity Maps – to finally gain an overview.


Decisions based on insufficient knowledge, incomplete arguments, false assertions, or simply chaos fuel uncertainty and reduce productivity. With Infinity Maps, which combines clarity and completeness, we want to contribute to a fairer, more transparent, more reliable and more agile world.

Weißer Pfeil, der nach unten zeigt.

Heiko Haller


„I need a tool like Infinity Maps for my work. And I believe that it can help a lot of people, especially when working on complex problems, which are prolific these days – more than ever before.“

Heiko Haller, der Erfinder der iMapping-Methode und Gründer von Infinity Maps, einem Wissensmanagement-Tool.

Heiko studied psychology in order to develop tools that align with our cognitive processes. His thesis already dealt with mapping methods for knowledge organization, and because he was not satisfied with the existing solutions, he developed the iMapping method as part of his doctoral thesis. It won the Ted Nelson Newcomer Awards in 2010, and has been proven in science and industry for many years. The method is the basis for Infinity Maps, which reaches now a new level of productivity.

Johannes Grenzemann


“I enjoy creating new products – and Infinity Maps is the first tool that allows me to edit a new idea from the first scribble to the big elaborated and complex concept in just one file.”

Johannes studied business information technology with the aim of developing and implementing his own ideas as well as products. As a product manager, he worked for corporations as well as for start-ups. There, he did not just come across the complexity that arises in the conception and development of new software systems. He also found solutions to work with complexity instead of working against it. Infinity Maps is an essential part of his solutions and his daily work. He is a firm believer that this new and self-tested approach can benefit large and small companies. That’s why Johannes joined Infinity Maps as a driving and coordinating force.

Heiko’s Journey

  • Senior Agile Consultant @ Consileon Business Consultancy GmbH (2017 – now)
  • Founder & CEO @ Imapping (2012 – now)
  • Independent Lecturer for Innovation Methods and Personal Knowledge Management @ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Various other Universities (2014 – now)
  • Consultant and Coach for Personal Knowledge Management (2003- now)
  • Interaction Designer / Information Architect (1999 – now)
  • Information Technologies, Dissertation (2007-2010)
  • Co-Founder & CXO @ Calpano (2011-2013)
  • Research Assistant and PhD Student @ FZI Research Center for Computer Science and AIFB – Informatics Institute of the Department of Economics and Management (2005 – 2010) and thereby
  • Researcher @ Nepomuk Social Semantic Desktop EU Project. Work Package Leader for Knowledge Articulation and Visualization (2006-2009)
  • Student Assistant @ Knowledge Media Research Center and Diploma Thesis on Visual Knowledge Mapping Techniques (2002)
  • Student intern @ Viviance AG, on e-Learning (2001-2002)
  • Student Teaching Assistant for Statistics @ Free University of Berlin

Johannes‘s Journey

  • Head of Innovation Lab @ Arvato Financial Solutions (2017 – now), product innovation for finance
  • Senior BI Developer @ Arvato Financial Solution (2015 – 2017), business intelligence for collections
  • Founder & CEO @ Favorz / Refugee Favorz (2015 -2017)
  • Senior Product Manager @ BEONTRA (2012 – 2015), capacity planning and forecasting for airports
  • Full Stack Developer @ BEONTRA (2011 – 2012), business intelligence for airports
  • B.Sc. Business Informatics @ Corporate State University Karlsruhe (2008 – 2011)