The world is becoming increasingly complex

The amount of information and knowledge coming at us is greater than ever before and it is growing with every moment. An overwhelming thicket of content is forming, the elements of which are interrelated and constantly changing. The brain reaches the limits of its receptivity and especially in a professional context it becomes more difficult to keep track of complexity.

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Infinity Maps gives your idea everything that it needs

From brainstorming and research to conception and implementation, Infinity Maps keeps everything for you, structures everything and ensures you have a quick overview at all times.

Many small details, one overview

With the infinitely expandable Infinity Maps, you’ll never have to do without detailed information again, and at the same time you’ll always have an overview of your total artwork.

Nest and zoom

With Infinity Maps you can visually nest cards into each other. With this nesting principle you not only structure your knowledge roughly, but you can also delve into the details without losing sight of the big picture. This gets possible as you can continously zoom between all the layers, like within google maps.

Convenient zoom function

Within seconds, you can move from detail level to the big picture of your project with the zoom. Thanks to the visual representations of the relationships, you can immediately see which elements are related to each other. So not only can you be sure that you have everything in one file, but you can also quickly and at any time see which relationships need to be considered in your project.

Visual representation of correlations

Information is usually related and complex topics often contain many connections. Infinity Maps makes these relationships visible with arrows, and only the arrows associated with the selected maps. So everything becomes clearer and at the same time every needed connection is immediately available.



Large plans and projects are often the product of extracts from various sources of knowledge. Cumbersome copy and paste or importing replaces Infinity Maps with a direct link to many different cloud and saas solutions.

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Great ideas must be protected

To help your project thrive, Infinity Maps protects your data using several technical methods.


The communication between your web browser and our server is end-to-end encrypted so that your data lands safely in your iMap.

Private Cloud Architecture

Your data is not in the public cloud, but on an isolated computer system running only Infinity Maps.

Encrypted Storage

Encrypted hard disks in the storage system of the private cloud servers ensure that nobody can read your data even if they are physically accessed.


HSTS is a security mechanism for HTTPS connections that is designed to protect against both encryption tampering and session hijacking.

Frontend Security Audits

We regularly subject our product to internal “security audits” and try to “hack” our product Infinity Maps on our own, so that others cannot do it.

100% Linux

All critical computer systems (development pc’s & server systems) run hardened variants of the Linux operating system, without exception.

Infinity Maps is a radical new way of structuring your work and knowledge.

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Freedom and structure for new things

Infinity Maps is focused on your thought processes and thus promotes your creativity, your agility and your networked thinking.

The individual cards in an Infinity Map can be placed anywhere by drag and drop, with or without connection to the rest of the elements. Especially free cards stimulate the flow of further ideas in the brainstorming stage. At a later point in time, connections and relationships can be displayed with arrows, so that a clear structure can be quickly created from the creative chaos.

Gelbe Haftnotizzettel auf einer Metaleinwand.

Especially through the connections with arrows and the spatial arrangement of content-related elements, Infinity Maps comes close to the human brain, which likes to cluster, modularize and work according to pattern recognition. Networked thinking, which is essential for working with complex issues, thus becomes quite simple.

Infinity Maps also makes the most of your highly efficient sense of orientation. People like to think in directions such as up, down, left, right, large and small. As a scalable mind map and knowledge map, Infinity Maps is a bridge between spatial perception and information, providing you with quick and easy orientation in your knowledge.

With these efficient functions, Infinity Maps not only takes care of already existing information, but also creates enormous capacities for new ideas and projects.

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