„Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.“ This quote of Albert Einstein proves again and again in project management processes. Unpredicted changes put overview and structure of projects at risk due to their complexity and the high number of people, who are often involved in them. Then salvage and success does not solely rely on people’s expertise in an agile work environment. Creativity turns out to be a significant pilar in it. So in this article you learn 

  • how to establish a solid fundament for your project that allows maximal flexibility
  • how to generate quickly new ideas and solutions without causing havoc
  • how to communicate and present the changes effectively.

An agile project methodology paves the road to sustainable solutions and desirable outcomes

Good project management has a plan long before the project starts. This includes an overview about the objectives, the risks and project resources. And while doing that, complexity should never get in the way. With the project planning software Infinity Maps, you quickly draft an iMap, a digital knowledge map. It entails all of the above about your enterprise – comprehensive and accessible at a glance. It is the solid fundament for structure and progress of your project but it also facilitates crisis management as well as persuasive communication without any additional effort.

Infinity Maps is an agile project management tool that depicts content and information in a visual way – similarly to a mind map. But unlike a mind map, Infinity Maps provides overview at any stage of your project, irrespective to its complexity. At the same time, detailed content is always accessible. This is due to Infinitiy Maps‘ unique feature of depicting hiearchies via nested cards. With its zoomfunction, details can be looked up via zoom-in, and the bigger picture is visible in a zoom-out in no time. Furthermore, you can expand your iMap without any limits, and thank to its convenient drag & drop feature, it can be accustomed at any time. Creativity can therefore flow endlessly.

Connections, relationships and dependencies can be easily marked with arrows. So context never gets lost even in the midst of tremendous changes of a project.

Eine iMap als Wissensmanagement Tool, die die Vorteile von Infinity Maps zeigt.

In times of crisis – get a quick fix and a smart solution at once

Changes can be truly a constant of a project but providing for all possible contingencies would be a very inefficient approach and far away from lean project management. Creativity is immeasurably more productive in this matter. And since your project is already documented in an iMap, you can easily start thinking and making changes in the concerning area. Having the content and its relationships right in front of you, enables you to see everything clear. Moreover, the visual depiction and the limitless possibility for expansion sparks off new ideas easily. Immediately, you can see how your changes would affect other parts of your project. So the effects of your amendments can be estimated at once.

Good solutions are products of collaboration

A great idea rarely comes to life in an abandoned chamber on a single mind. It is rather the outcome of a collaborative effort. Infinity Maps connects the decision makers and solution creators. No matter if you are all together onsite or spread around the world. How? The online project management software Infinity Maps is a cloud construction, and edits are visible in real time. Now, everyone is on the same page and able to contribute with inspirations and ideas.

There is one constant in changes – overview

Accessible details and the bigger picture of a project is not just relevant to the project management in charge. Stakeholders of any kind need to be informed and convinced about the undertaking, too. Comprehensible communication and presentation is therefore the first step towards cooperation and persuasion.

With Infinity Maps, no additional presentation software, e. g. PowerPoint or Prezi, is necessary. You are ready to give a presentation or an update at any time and at any stage of your project – from your project ideas to your final report. Infinity Maps zoom enables you to display the overall perspective and explain complex details if necessary.

Therefore you can drop your fear of not knowing the answers of detailed questions from the audience. With Infinity Maps‘ zoom-in you can be rest assured that a competent answer is always available.

Furthermore, InfinityMaps spread a vibe of participation because suggestions from the audience can be spontaneously integrated. Thus, the separation between work mode and presentation mode can disappear, which benefits the team spirit and self-efficacy of the individual.

See the easy handling of Infinity Maps in the video.  

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