Knowledge maps are a very efficient way of knowledge management and can be applied to all kinds of fields. Especially, the knowledege manangement tool Infinity Maps facilitates the process of knowledge management in no time.

Here is a quick overview:

Knowledge maps in project management

The perfect match to a Gantt Chart is a knowledge map. Vital factors involved, people in charge and further information can be easily recorded and managed in a knowledge graph.

Zusammengestellte Tische, auf denen Papier, Schere, Stifte und Haftnotizen sind. Es wird an einem Projekt gearbeitet.
book in front of laptop

Exam preparation with knowledge maps

Whether it is a test at school or the finals of a term at university, preparation is all that matters. With an efficient knowledge management strategy the requested subject material can be managed easily.

Usually, books and other semantic resources present knowledge in a linear way. But the brain stores information in networks. Therefore, processing knowledge in a visual way leads to greater success. Connections and structures are clearly displayed – ready to be crammed and digested.


Keeping track of term papers with knowledge maps

Research papers at university and their complexity can be overwhelming leading to frustration and consecutive blockages. Knowledge maps avoid this scenario by structuring knowledge, references, insights and findings in a visual manner.

Textbook with a lot of bookmarks

Managing contacts with knowledge maps

From family trees to managing contacts, knowledge maps help to keep track. They do not just depict the realtionships among the different people, they can also handle a high number of contacts.

Foto eines Laptops, vor dem eine Frau sitzt. Es sind nur die Hände im Bild, die ein Handy halten.

Business process modelling and knowledge maps

Keeping track of different classes, subjects and worksheets can be a challenge for teachers. Knowledge management strategies and methods such as a knowledge map can then be a huge facilitator in preparing and improving lessons and lectures.

These use cases and many more were on our mind when we developed Infinity Maps – a knowledge management software that is beyond mind mapping.


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