Collaborate with Infinity Maps as a graphic recording software and share complex ideas with others in real-time.

Eine iMap, sprich eine Mind Map, die digital unendlich erweitert werden kann, zeigt, wie ein Meeting visuell dokumentiert werden kann. Man nennt das graphic recording oder auch visual facilitation.

With the spatial arrangement of content and the zoom function, Infinity Maps helps you visualize your ideas and share or develop them with others. Meetings and video conferences can be easily recorded digitally with Infinity Maps. And in workshops, you can replace the visualization on the flipchart with a digital iMap. In fact, you can document any group process, seminar or conference with Infinity Maps. Infinity Maps also makes visual moderation and story telling easy.
This visual recording, also known as visual facilitation, not only promotes the learning process as a group, the visualized content can also be better stored in long-term memory.
Visualization sheds light on complex content. Anything that seemed intangible in the first place can now be smoothly solved.

With Infinity Maps, everybody is on the same page.

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