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Overview without losing details

In a world of work that is changing faster and faster, where agility is the new imperative and the constant influx of information turns into clutters, the creation of structure and efficient knowledge management guarantees the realisation of large projects and the development of sustainable solutions to complex problems.

Everything that you need to organize everything

Infinite nesting and zooming

Topics can be further broken down through visual nesting of elements. This creates a deep and wide canvas that can grow infinitely. Stepless zooming to any depth allows you to see the big picture and the details.

Screenshot aus einer Infinity Maps mit strukturierten Textelementen.

Structure Cards

With Infinity Maps, all content is also structure. Every card can be expanded and can carry subcards. These subcards can be organized as lists, boards, grids and many more.

Infinite Content

Infinity Maps is currently tested to work with dozends of layers and thousands of elements in one map! Our longterm goal is to provide you a solution that can carry infinite content with the performance of an ego shooter videogame.

And much more…

  • Templates
  • Sharing
  • Realtime collaboration (coming soon)
  • Offline mode (coming soon)
  • Many Integrations (Offices Docs, Trello, Cloud Data Apps)

Be next and turn your visions into a new reality

Several thousand knowledge workers already use iMapping, the predecessor of Infinity Maps. Day after day, they implement projects on a global, social and individual level. Learn what they do and achieve:

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Johannes Grenzemann.

“Infinity Maps is the first knowledge management tool that allows me to edit a new idea from the first scribble to the big, maximum-complex concept in just one deep and wide map.”

Johannes Grenzemann

Head of Innovation Lab,
Arvato Financial Solutions

Michael Hafner, ein zufriedener Kunde von iMapping - einer digitalen Alternative zur Mind Map.

“I instantly fell in love with the program and its sophisticated simplicity. Sometimes you have to see something in order to realize that you have always missed something like this.”

Michael Hafner

Head of Information und Archive, Deutsche Welle

Mirko Endter, ein zufriedener Kunde von iMapping - einer digitalen Alternative zur Mind Map.

„Ich bin ein Mind Mapper und immer wieder an der Herausforderung hängen geblieben, welche in iMapping gelöst ist. Ich bin einfach nur begeistert!“

Mirko Endter

MBA & Trainer

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