Whiteboard meets Wiki.

Infinity Maps is a tool for visual thinking and knowledge sharing. Create Deep Knowledge Maps to manage information overload and collaborate on complex or creative projects.

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For Visual Thinkers & Knowledge Workers

Trainings & Coaching

Manage training series and workshop series from preparation to presentation to documentation in one tool.

Illustration einer Infinity Map mit einer Zoom-Lupe.
Illustration einer Infinity Map mit Pfeilen.

Knowledge Management

Gather all information in a central platform and organize it neatly to ensure that nothing gets lost and everything is immediately at hand.

Education & Research

Unfold complex topics and communicate them insightfully. Engage students and professionals with visual facilitation.

Illustration einer Infinity Map mit einem Gehirn.
Illustration of an Infinity Map.

If your workflow looks like this ...

  • You spend a lot of time looking for important documents
  • You can’t map and convey your ideas the way you envision them
  • You get lost in too many different tools for complex and creative tasks

… it’s time for a Change.

Knowledge is our Passion. What's Yours?

Everything at a glance, in one place: Infinity Maps accompany you through lengthy or complex projects and make your knowledge sustainably usable.

Illustration eines Mannes vor einem Business Model Canvas in Infinity Maps.


Manage projects, prove expertise, convince clients.

Illustration of a woman with a telescope on the topic use cases for knowledge management.

Case Study

Turning a scientific book into a visual story.

Illustration knowledge tool in study: a student with laptop on her knees. Study documents float around her head.


Prepare classes, organize group projects, tackle your thesis.

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