Complexity made simple

Knowledge management with Infinity Maps helps you organize, structure, and share your knowledge – in one deep knowledge map. Start your knowledge management with Infinity Maps now.
Infinity Maps - If Miro and Notion had a baby | Product Hunt
Infinity Maps - If Miro and Notion had a baby | Product Hunt
Illustration des User-Interface der Software für Wissensmanagement, Infinity Maps. Davor sind zwei Personen platziert.

All in one workspace

Overview and details

Your map offers you unlimited space for ideas, which can be captured in any number of cards and enlarged or reduced as needed. With the zoom function, you can view the big picture as well as explore details in depth at lightning speed.

Illustration of an Infinity Map with a zoom magnifier.
Illustration of an Infinity Map with arrows.

Structure and transparency

Information that belongs together can be easily arranged in Cards and related to each other by connecting lines. The cards can be formed into layers by subcards and structured as lists, boards or grids. As cards are also structure, no additional text formatting is needed.

Creativity and intuition

Infinity Maps gives you the freedom to unfold complex topics and ensures that you don’t miss anything relevant. With Infinity Maps, ideas can be thought through or grow steadily.

Illustration of an infinity map with a brain.
Illustration of an Infinity Map on the topic Alternative to Mind map, Whiteboard and Wiki.
iMapping Method

The alternative
to mind map, whiteboard and co.

Infinity Maps is not just another productivity tool. The software is based on the unique and award-winning iMapping method. Say goodbye to visual chaos, inflexible structures and long loading times that inhibit your productivity and do not keep up with your thoughts. Your large, zoomable knowledge maps give you clarity and overview at all times – you navigate through your content quickly and easily.

  • Like mind maps, but scalable.
  • Like whiteboards, but structured.
  • Like note boxes and wikis, but visual.

Find your use case

The acquisition and storage of knowledge alone does not ensure the successful realization of a project. A clear presentation, quick access and easy handling make knowledge permanently findable and enable the accomplishment of complex tasks. Infinity Maps is the solution for efficient and sustainable knowledge management.

Illustration on the topic uses cases for knowledge tools.

Boost your consulting skills

Managing projects, proving points, convincing clients.

Illustration of a woman with a telescope on the topic use cases for knowledge management.

Embrace complexity

Working with complexity, presenting concepts, preparing workshops.

Illustration knowledge tool in study: a student with laptop on her knees. Study documents float around her head.

Improve your studies

Coordinating exams and group projects, writing your thesis.

Great ideas must grow

Become part of a growing knowledge platform