When Knowledge is Your Job

Manage complex and lengthy research projects with Infinity Maps. Collect, structure and connect all content in your large, zoomable knowledge map which provides you with an overview from the big picture to the smallest detail.

Illustration des User-Interface der Software für Wissensmanagement, Infinity Maps. Davor sind zwei Personen platziert.

More than Mind Map, Wiki & Co.

With Infinity Maps you create large, zoomable knowledge maps that allow you to visually representas well as comprehensively document information. The software is based on Dr. Heiko Haller’s iMapping method, which for the first time combines four basic principles of information organization:

  • Structure: Simple, flexible arrangement of information units
  • Hierarchy: Working in depth by structuring information into several layers
  • Connections: Easy-to-grasp cross-references even for highly interconnected topics
  • Scalability: Arbitrarily large collections of information without losing the overview

Knowledge maps for your research journey


Whether you’re in the lab or the library, Infinity Maps helps you put your knowledge to work. Unfold complex topics and find creative solutions by structuring and integrating content. Using the novel layering principle, you control the level of detail.


Edit your research insights with Infinity Maps without changing tools for lectures or conferences. Motivate students or engage professionals by communicating your content visually and transparently. Zoom in on details or give an overall view at any time.


Access your research, studies, models, literature, and media at any time with Infinity Maps as your central knowledge platform. With structured and interconnected content, you establish coherence and make sure you do not miss anything. Turning your knowledge map into a solid foundation for your publishing projects.