Infinity Maps for Education

Visual facilitation & realtime collaboration: Students and educators manage their classes and projects with Infinity Maps.

Knowledge Maps for Students & Educators

  • Organize all lectures and seminars in one Map
  • Create a creative hybrid learning environment with your class
  • Visually collaborate on trainings, workshops and projects


Professors and tutors manage courses from preconception to presentation in Infinity Maps and share them with students.

Students organize everything they need to know for their studies in Infinity Maps including doing research, sharing lecture notes, or studying for exams.

Screenshot Freshmen Guide in Infinty Maps.
Screenshot of an Infinity Map for math classes.


Teachers use Infinity Maps for lesson planning and as a visual aid for learning. The maps can be presented by the teacher or explored by students on their own. Sections for templates and assignments encourage participation from students.

Students create their own Maps for presentations, group work or exam preparation. Visual knowledge organization supports learning and promotes creativity.

non-formal & informal Education

Corporate Learning, Coaching, Citizen Science, Social Activities, Educational Initiatives: As a knowledge management and visual facilitation tool, Infinity Maps is used across all learning environments.

Screenshot of an Infinity Map regarding New Work.

New Learning with Infinity Maps


  • Preparation: Create a large Map with different sections or multiple Maps for specific topics, projects or classes.
  • Mapping: Organize, structure and connect all relevant content
  • Sharing: Manage who can access your Map

Explain & Understand

  • Presentation: Navigate with ease using the presentation mode
  • Participation: Engage your audience by inviting them to contribute.
  • Study groups: Work on projects collaboratively, share lecture notes, and study for exams together.


  • Review: Share maps via link and provide students and co-workers with templates, additonal learning materials, or exercises.
  • Work in progress: Add to and restructure your Maps indefinitely, archived and current content is just a zoom away.

Infinity Maps Education

Education with Infinity Maps should be accessible to all. We support educators, students and organizations with special discounts and partnerships.

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