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Whiteboard meets Wiki

Deep Knowledge Maps

Companies and individuals use Infinity Maps to create deeply zoomable knowledge maps. Large amounts of information, interconnected topics and complex processes are visually represented and spatially structured. Thereby, Infinity Maps allows for rich detail and overview at the same time.

Scientifically evaluated method

The novel software is based on the Ted Nelson Newcomer Award-winning iMapping method, which for the first time combines four key principles of information organization. The software was developed for knowledge workers and is ideally suited for long-term and complex projects.

Flexible spatial arrangement of information as with a whiteboard.

Working in depth by organizing information on multiple levels.

Easy-to-grasp cross-references,
even for heavily interconnected topics.

Arbitrarily large collections of information,
without losing the overview.

The founders

Infinity Maps GmbH was founded in 2020, with Dr. Heiko Haller, Johannes Grenzemann and Robin Lutz driving the concept of a central knowledge platform. Scientist and entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt supported the newly founded startup with venture capital. Since late 2022, the company continues by Heiko as CEO.

Photo Dr. Heiko Haller.

Dr. Heiko Haller, CPO

Psychologist and Business Consultant

Photo Johannes Grenzemann.

Johannes Grenzemann, CEO

Business Informatics Specialist

Foto Robin Lutz.

Robin Lutz, CTO

Mathematician and Software Developer

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Corporate Design

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Scaling: Flexible proportional.
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Safety margin: height resp. width of the signet.

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Infinity Maps, mapas mentales y bloc de notas en una sola platforma