Reduce the uncertainty of your growing business

You want to make sure you do not go over details too quickly before taking a decision that is going to put your business at risk? You have the feeling that managing internal information has a lot of potential for long term development of your start up? This tool is for you!

Illustration einer Menschengruppe vor einem Business Model Canvas in einer Infinity Map.

Mapping your Startup

Create comprehensive yet concise knowledge maps which leverage our spatial and visual perception. The software is based on the iMapping method, which for the first time combines four basic principles of information organization:

  • Structure: Flexible arrangement of information units, e.g. Graph, Kanban, Chart
  • Hierarchy: Working in depth by structuring information into several layers
  • Interrelations: Easy-to-grasp cross-references even for highly interconnected topics
  • Scalability: Arbitrarily large collections of information without losing the overview

All your business (plan) in one map

Foster transparency & cohesion in your team

Having a rapidly growing business without ensuring effective internal communication can be costly and is often a hidden burden for inner growth. Infinity Maps allows you to store any type of information for monitoring ongoing projects and planning ahead.

Illustration of an infinity map on the topic: research and organization.
Illustration of an Infinity Map with puzzle pieces on the topic: Complex Projects.

Grasp the complexity of your business environment

By using the personalization tools we offer, you will be able to visualize collectively any topic to research, potential markets to explore or anything you want to communicate to your stakeholders.

A common map for a wide range of ideas

Share your maps and brainstorming sessions with other colleagues, discuss them in real time and change them as you go. Add tags for each map in order to keep track of your different projects.

Illustration zum Thema Gruppenarbeit.

Looking for templates that could fit your business model?

Zoom into details by scrolling or double-clicking. Navigation per Drag’n’Drop.