Knowledge is our Passion. What is yours?

Infinity Maps is a German startup based in the country’s tech region. By means of our software for knowledge management, we would like to contribute to improving the everyday work of knowledge workers and their networking.

What we stand for

We are working in a small team on a great vision: less chaos and more open space for thinking. We strive to provide knowledge workers with a thinking tool that helps them solve the big problems of our time and implement bold ideas.

Decisions based on insufficient information, incomplete arguments or simply confusion fuel uncertainty and reduce productivity. With Infinity Maps, we aim to contribute to transparent and fair work by keeping the knowledge you require at your fingertips and neatly organized.

Today, we all have to process an increasing amount of information and deal with complex issues. To keep up, we are constantly striving for optimization and looking for innovative solutions. To achieve our goals, we are guided by facts and continuously review our hypotheses.

One of the biggest motivations for developing Infinity Maps was our experience of not being able to work with common knowledge tools in the way that everyday work requires – but knowledge management is not an individual issue. We are dedicated to creating a software solution for all knowledge workers.

We are committed to working with our users in a spirit of trust and ensuring that Infinity Maps meets your and our quality standards. For us it is a matter of course to inform you about updates and to ask for your opinion regularly.

The Infini-Team

Photo Dr. Heiko Haller.

Dr. Heiko Haller

Co-founder & CEO

Photo Johannes Grenzemann.

Johannes W. Grenzemann

Co-founder & Consultant

Foto Robin Lutz.

Robin Lutz

Co-founder & Consultant

Photo Aurelijus Banelis

Aurelijus Banelis

Software Development

Michael Berger

Student Worker 

Marcus Wunderlich

Student Worker Development

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