Smart features for your personal or corporate knowledge management: Gain an overview without missing details, visualizue hierarchies and structures, get creative but keep control.

Cards | Structure

Cards are one of the basic principles of Infinity Maps. They contain your content, for example text, images or files. You can add cards to another card and thus structure your map in layers and hierarchies. Even with thousands of entries, Infinity Maps remains clear and concise.

Connections | Networks

Information is usually related to each other. You can visualize these intercorrelations simply by connecting the cards which belong together and label the Connections as needed. Since there are often a lot of interconnections in complex topics, the Connections can be hidden or shown. Thus, the visual complexity is significantly reduced and it is easier to grasp the connection structures.

Zoom | Depth

Infinity Maps takes advantage of our sense of direction. Intuitively, you can navigate your Infinity Map and control the level of abstraction with the infinite zoom: dive deep into detailed information or look at the big picture and keep an overview. There are no limitations to the depth of information.


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In this video, CEO Johannes explains how Infinity Maps works and how to get started with your first map.

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