Secure knowledge management

Infinity Maps GmbH is a German startup based in the country’s tech region. Our knowledge management software was developed in Karlsruhe and is hosted in Germany.

Great ideas must be protected

Our core values are centered around authenticity, reliability, trust and control. Security measures to protect your data include the following.

The communication between your web browser and our server is end-to-end encrypted so that your data is transmitted securely.

Your data is not stored in the public cloud, but on an isolated computer system which exclusively runs Infinity Maps.

Encrypted hard drives in the storage system of the private cloud server ensure that no one can read your data, even if it is physically accessed.

HSTS is a security mechanism for HTTPS connections that is designed to protect against both encryption tampering and session hijacking.

We regularly subject our product to internal “security audits” and try to “hack” Infinity Maps ourselves to prevent others from succeeding in doing so.

All critical computer systems (development PCs & server systems) run hardened variants of the Linux operating system without exception.

Got any questions? Talk to us!

If you require further information on Infinity Maps’ security guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us.