Use Cases for Knowledge Management

Increase productivity and reduce stress, gain an understanding for complex matters and communicate insightfully: With Infinity Maps, all your knowledge is always easy to find and clearly presented. Your new knowledge tool can be integrated effortlessly into your workflow and accompanies in all your projects.

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Personal knowledge management

Gather large amounts of information, and organize them quickly and conveniently. For easy access and better preparation.

Illustration zum Thema Masterarbeit.
Illustration of an infinity map on the topic: research and organization.

(Online) Presentations

Prepare challenging topics with ease and a clear structure. Illustrate the big picture and be prepared to address details at any time. Create, discuss and collaboratively develop models live in workshops.

Project management

Infinity Maps is your go to tool for all your projects: From the first whiteboard photo to a deep and insightful project documentation that leaves no questions unanswered.

Illustration of an Infinity Map on the topic: workshop and training.

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Illustration knowledge tool in study: a student with laptop on her knees. Study documents float around her head.


Tight deadlines on exams, group projects, or your thesis? Improve your studies with Infinity Maps.

Illustration of a group of people in front of a Business Model in an Infinity Map.


Managing projects, proving points, convincing clients.
Boost your consulting skills with Infinity Maps.

Illustration eines Mannes vor einem Business Model Canvas in Infinity Maps.


Accompanying clients, managing complex issues.
Legal advice that exceeds expectations.