Manage complex legal projects

Decomplexify your knowledge management with Infinity Maps. An effective tool, based on an innovative method – for legal advice that exceeds expectations.

Illustration of a group of people in front of a Business Model in an Infinity Map.

Solutions for lawyers

Knowledge management with Infinity Maps provides an easy-to-understand visual representation as well as a comprehensive digital documentation of information. Improve client relationships, simplify complex projects, and increase productivity with innovative your deep knowledge map software. Infinity Maps seamlessly adapts to your workflow, keeping pace with both day-to-day operations and long-term legal projects.

Due dilligence

With Infinity Maps, you can simplify complex, long-term projects like due diligence. Organize, structure and keep track of hundreds of documents and detailed information. Add comments and cross-references, even across multiple hierarchy levels. Zoom out to get to the meta-level of your project and uncover all the connections that are critical to your customers.

Illustration of an Infinity Map with puzzle pieces on the topic: Complex Projects.
Illustration of an Infinity Map on the topic: workshop and training.

Complex legal cases

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Infinity Maps allows you to capture all the trees, to map them into knowledge structures of any complexity and flexibility – and thus provides you with the best possible support for your thought processes.

Research & Organization

Infinity Maps is your central knowledge platform to collect, merge and keep information up-to-date. This saves you time in research and ensures that your knowledge is always available and clearly presented. Infinity Maps will guide you through all phases of your project. From initial brainstorming to planning and implementation to project documentation, you can map every step in one single Infinity Map.

Illustration of an infinity map on the topic: research and organization.

Keep an overview, focus on what is important

With its focus on cognitive processes, Infinity Maps promotes creativity, agility and networked thinking. It is therefore ideally suited for sustainable and efficient knowledge management. Infinity Maps replaces conventional methods of visual information organization such as mind maps, concept maps, whiteboards and digital notebooks. The zoomable knowledge maps remain clear and fast even with thousands of contents. By doing so, we create a free space for big ideas. The unique combination of overview and details helps to regain control over difficult topics. Infinity Maps focuses on a deliberately streamlined design with the key features you need to stay focused and effective. Reduce your tool kit and design your projects in one workspace.

With the zoom function you can easily and quickly navigate through your content. Look at the big picture or explore details in depth. Set a focus by enlarging or reducing Cards.

Bundle knowledge and always have it at your fingertips: Record your content in any number of cards and place them in the right place. Cards can contain text, graphics or other files.

The cards can be structured in levels to represent hierarchies or to elaborate topics in a differentiated way. Form your Cards as lists, boards, or grids to model information. You create references using connecting lines, which are faded in and out as required.

Infinty Maps can be extended indefinitely, so it always remains up-to-date and offers room for even complex topics to unfold. With Infinity Maps, ideas can be thought through to the end or grow steadily.

We are continuously working on the further development of Infinity Maps and respond to the individual needs of our business customers. Templates, real-time collaboration and integrations will be available soon.

Resources instead of buzzwords

With Infinity Maps we have developed a solution to meet the increasing demands of the current working world, lack of time and growing complexity. Do you want to integrate Infinity Maps into your daily work and need support with the implementation? We would be happy to advise you.

Managing knowledge – the way we think

Infinity Maps is based on the iMapping method developed by psychologist and management consultant Dr. Heiko Haller to visualize knowledge in line with our thought processes. Infinity Maps is thus ideally tailored to the needs of knowledge workers such as consultants or managers who want to process a lot of information quickly, present complex processes clearly and present results convincingly – in a large, zoomable knowledge map.

Our Mission

As a Karlsruhe-based startup, we are working on a big vision in a small but growing team: With Infinity Maps, we want to create a standard tool for all brain workers that supports them in realizing big ideas and developing solutions for complex problems.

Located in the heart of the nation’s technology region, Infinity Maps is close to the pulse in a thriving startup environment.