Our services for knowledge management

We offer customized solutions for your unique project, so you can use Infinity Maps in the best and most efficient way. We support your endeavors with personal consultation, comprehensive training and individual mapping as a service.

Our services include

Workshop & Training

Create convincing maps effectively: We introduce employees to the iMapping method and demonstrate our knowledge management software.

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Illustration about our Visual Facilitation Service.

Visual Facilitation

Meetings and video conferences can be facilitated digitally with Infinity Maps – keeping everyone in the loop and informed as they go.

Mapping as a service

Are you too busy to manage your knowledge yourself: We create individual and custom-fit Infinity Maps for easy learning, communication and presentation.

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Enterprise knowledge management

Merging the entire knowledge of companies or teams on one platform: We support you with practical knowledge transfer and a strategy for organizational knowledge management.

We train you or your staff

Whether you are looking to use Infinity Maps for project management, boost your creativity, or structure a complex business. We are excited to share the essentials of Infinity Maps with you and your team. Topics covered in the training on our knowledge management tool include:

  • Create maps easily and quickly
  • Edit existing Infinity Maps
  • Style and layout maps
  • Link resources (e.g. Adobe, Microsoft)

Aligned with cognitive processing and based on psychological insights, in our knowledge management workshops you will learn:

  • Methods for structuring knowledge and content
  • Facts about how our brain best processes and memorizes input
  • Processes most suited to your project and mindset, e.g. customer knowledge management or knowledge management for consultants or students

We map your event

Visual content is more easily retained in long-term memory and facilitates the learning process in groups. Infinity Maps is ideally suited for graphic recording and visual facilitation of meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and much more due to its spatial arrangement and zoom function. We map your (online) event in real time so that all participants are always up to speed, even on complex topics, and processes are recorded in a comprehensible manner.

We map , so you don't have to

Due to its intuitive features, you can easily use Infinity Maps and effortlessly create knowledge maps on all your topics. If you do not have any resources available, we will reliably and quickly take over the map creation – on your topic, according to your wishes.

We are at your side for advice

Knowledge management is invaluable to organizations. We support you in consolidating the entire knowledge of your team or company on one platform – to ensure that it is retrievable in the long term and ready for use at all times. In a joint effort, we develop solutions for your project or innovation management and organizational development.

Interested in our services?

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