When your head gives you a 404 error

Are you constantly looking for your study notes without ever finding them? Is your research spread over countless documents and you are pressed for time? We got your back!

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All your studies in one map

Productivity instead of procrastination

The deadline for your term paper, exam or presentation is approaching and you haven’t started yet? Infinity Maps makes it easier to get started and saves you time. Make plans and collect all results with your knowledge tool.

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Illustration zum Thema Masterarbeit.

Master your thesis

Infinity Maps accompanies you through complex and lengthy projects such as your master’s thesis or doctorate. From finding a topic to research and implementation. Collect, organize and structure all content in your digital knowledge map.

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Manage group work remotely or on-site, move faster as a team, present results, and implement feedback directly into your Infinity Map.

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Work smart, not hard

Learn, understand, present: Map everything you need to know for your studies. Infinity Maps is the smart way to collect, organize and share your knowledge. Daily tasks or even long-term projects can be visualized and navigated intuitively in one deep knowledge map. Infinity Maps is the brain-friendly and scalable alternative to other knowledge tools like mind maps, whiteboards or note apps.

The basic principle of Infinity Maps are the Cards. They allow the unique combination of overview and details. Cards hold your content, can be enlarged or reduced as needed, and can be staggered infinitely in depth. Your map offers space for thousands of pieces of information and can be expanded at will. With the zoom function, you can view the big picture at any time, as well as explore details in depth at lightning speed.

When starting out with a project you might not always know which representation will be suited best. With Infinity Maps you can simply get started and give your map structure afterwards or over and over again. During the brainstorming process, cards can be freely placed, and during the elaboration process they can be ordered or formed into layers. Information that belongs together is related to each other by connections.

Infinity Maps gives you the freedom to work in a focused and creative way, so you can unfold complex topics and not miss anything relevant. The reduced toolbar is not distracting, but offers creative design options – each map is as individual as its users. Inspiration and concentration are also a question of the right knowledge tool: With Infinity Maps, ideas can be thought through, and grow steadily.

To ensure the project development of Infinity Maps, we are continuously evaluating additional features specifically for students and doctoral candidates: Representation of PDFs, Interfaces for Citavi, Mendeley and BibTeX, Search indexing of external documents, LaTeX integration, freehand notes, text mining and much more.
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