1000 tabs open and no overview anymore?

Map your way out of the research jungle with zoomable knowledge maps.

Collect, structure and network information. Develop visual models to better understand contexts – and get a quicker overview of what is relevant.

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Cyberpunk Research Map

Knowledge maps for your research journey

Infinity Maps allows you to create knowledge maps with a very high information density, which will help you to recognize relevant things faster and to understand connections better.

Overlook extensive research

With an extensive search, you can quickly find 1000 hits. But with Infinity Maps you don’t have to be stingy when collecting, because the maps can get very big.

With Copy&Paste, Drag’n’Drop, URL previews and interfaces to all important citation tools (coming soon) you have all relevant information together in a flash.

Screenshot of an Infinity Map regarding New Work.

Everything has its place - everything in one place

PDF and Paper in Dropbox, Notes in Obsidian, Visual Models in Miro – Project Management in Notion. Does this sound similar to your setup?

Infinity Maps lets you visually display all your information on a single knowledge map that can grow in depth.

Everything has its place here and you can navigate in it by means of your spatial orientation.

Structure information, develop models, understand relationships

Hundreds of papers, dozens of subfields –  and if you want to understand all the correlations in one field, you have to invest a lot of time. 

Infinity Maps allows you to transform arbitrarily complex relationships into vivid visual models.

This works by means of nesting, linking, structures, templates, color coding, tagging (coming soon) and much more.