Getting a grip on chaotic group work in your studies

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Organizing your group project with ease

University life has changed drastically during the pandemic. Study groups actually rely on being social. Not only do they work together, they support each other and get creative when it comes to solving problems. Bring back the fun of learning together!

Coordinate and be transparent

Some are enthusiastic about them, others are annoyed. Das liegt vor allem daran, dass Gruppenarbeiten chaotisch ablaufen können. In order for everyone to know what to do and to stay informed about what the others are up to, you need to coordinate well. With a shared Infinity Map, you can work collaboratively and transparently. Brainstorming and assignment of tasks are visible to all in one place with your knowledge map. You keep track of your team members’ content and can adjust your parts accordingly or help the others with critical points.

Template group project

Draft and present

Collaboratively designed templates ensure that all team members develop their individual content to match the common project. If you have to give a presentation at the end of the group work, you can use your Infinity Map as a presentation medium without any additional effort. Infinity Maps are ideally suited to communicate and discuss complex topics in a comprehensible way. You can enter feedback directly and thus secure it for the long term.

Sharing is Caring

With Infinity Maps you can share your knowledge. Our software helps you to work together on study topics, projects and presentations. The new and unique method that Infinity Maps uses to visualize and structure knowledge allows you to work well remotely in a team.


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