iMapping Tool is now Infinity Maps

Infinity Maps is the new iMapping tool

In the following article we would like to inform users of the iMapping tool and interested people about the adaptation and further development of the iMapping tool: Infinity Maps is the new and only software that implements the iMapping method. Read on for more insights. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Infinity Maps replaces iMapping Tool

The iMapping tool, developed by co-founder Dr. Heiko Haller, was the first software to support the innovative visual information organization method of the same name, the iMapping method. The iMapping tool has been distributed since 2009, but no updates have been available since 2017. Founded in its history as a research prototype, since then the technical requirements have not been met to keep pace with current and upcoming technological innovations.

A new cloud software, Infinity Maps, has been available since 2020, enabling new contemporary functionalities such as public interactive iMaps and real-time collaboration. A side note for our iMapping users: Undo and Copy Cards are now also possible.

Easy migration from iMapping tool to Infinity Maps

Your existing iMaps created with the iMapping tool can be used and edited with Infinity Maps. After registration upload your .iMap files to Infinity Maps and get started right away. The layout has been optimized so that the Maps now appear in a modern design. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Benefit from switching to Infinity Maps

To make the transition easier for you, we would like to address possible concerns. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

You want to use the new optimized software? Sign up for Infinity Maps quickly, easily and for free, or find the subscription that’s right for you.

We are continuously working on the further development and additional features to ensure that Infinity Maps always meets the latest quality standards. Unlike the old iMapping tool, Infinity Maps always provides you with the latest version with regular improvements and enhancements. We inform you about product updates on the blog and in the newsletter. The exchange with our users is very important to us, so you can always contact us directly or use the feedback board for your suggestions, requests or questions.

Since we take data protection very seriously, we run Infinity Maps exclusively on servers in Germany – at our trusted hosting partner Hetzner Online GmbH. Furthermore, we do not allow any external parties to access your data.

We make encrypted backups of our servers several times a day. You are also able to save your own backups of your Maps, which you can store yourself and upload back to the app.

Read more about this topic on the Security page. Do you have special data security requirements? Feel free to contact us.

In addition to the web app, we plan to launch a native app in the future that you can install on your computer or mobile device. These apps will then also allow you to work on your Maps offline and to decide what content you want to put on our cloud servers.

Your company only uses self-hosted solutions? We would be happy to inform you on this.

If switching from the old iMapping Tool to Infinity Maps is not an option for you, or you want to use both softwares, you can still download the free version of the iMapping Tool or purchase the full version of it. Please contact Heiko via email or on the phone +49 (0) 179 23 75 911.


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