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Whether you are a freshman or a PhD student, writing scientific papers always remains challenging, even if you have a lot of routine. Dealing with the flood of complex information and keeping track of long-term projects can quickly become overwhelming. Infinity Maps starts right there and can be a valuable tool for your term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation.

Finding a topic

You look back at the past semester, or even your entire studies, and start finding a research subject. Regardless of whether you are assigned a subject or choose your own, narrowing it down is often difficult.

In these cases, Infinity Maps is available to you for both brainstorming and pro-and-con lists, or for an insightful collection of your previous research items.

Once you have determined your subject, the next step is to focus and develop research questions. Infinity Maps helps you to focus and depict interrelationships even when dealing with complex topics.

Reviewing Literature

Remembering the location of scattered documents and numerous keywords quickly overwhelms our brain. Infinity Maps is designed to hold large amounts of information. You can collect everything in your knowledge map. Thus, you save time on doing research and make sure that your knowledge is always at hand and clearly arranged.

This includes summaries and bullet points from the literature review, your own thoughts on it, and spontaneous ideas. You can note quotes and poignant passages, upload documents and other media. Include links or signatures to provide a basis for your bibliography and source list. This allows you to see at any time how much is still to be read or how much has already been worked through.

Screenshot of an Infinity Map with literature notes


With long-term projects, one occasionally loses sight of the focal points set at the beginning. You still find a publication or interesting aspects that could be examined.

Keep on track with your knowledge map as it grows into a complete documentation from which you can quickly and easily read what leads too far from the research subject and needs to remain open to further work or, conversely, where there is still a need for further research.

Your map allows you to identify which passages are stringently developed and can be finalized into your paper.

The blank page

During the writing process, you can ease the pain of puzzling through endless Word documents. That’s because your Infinity Map exposes the structure of your content in a way that feeds into the outline of your paper. You’ll have everything in the right order and ready for quick access, making it easier to get over writer’s block at the infamous first sentence.


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